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Rajhani and Elfean
A giant Midnight Naga...... A foot long cookie dragon..... HOW ARE THEY A COUPLE?!?!!?

Ugh....anyways, I wanted to draw this for a while now. I think you all remember Elfean, the little cookie dragon with a big, sweet heart. Elfean's home got attacked, and she was forced to leave, Knowing nothing about the outside world beyond her home, the little dragon soon got lost and barely was able to avoid predators who would love the taste of cookies before bed. But before all hope was lost, she came across a giant naga named Rajhani who turned out to be friendly and just wanting some sleep. They became friends real slowly, for Rajhani sometimes got bothered by Elfean's friendly nature and naïve ways. However, the naga soon grew fond of the little dragon and became her protector. Who knows if they'll one day become a couple....
If anyone knows the childish TV Series, Miraculous: Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir, then this may make some sense to you. I decided to make a little AU with the Sonic company, and I was wondering how you all would like it.

So on Earth, there was once an ancient, powerful civilization that was older than the humans, and this was called Mobius. The people of this civilization had eight leaders that controlled the elements of Earth itself. They were known as the Mobians of the Sacred Jewels. They were the Mobians of Life, Balance, Power, Strength, Past, Future, Day, and Night. The Mobians of Life and Balance were the kings of Mobius and the strongest of these eight powers. Then, they just disappeared.

It's said that all eight of the Sacred Mobians were placed inside of special jewels for safe keeping, and if a human wears one of them, they will be gifted with the power of the Sacred Mobian. These jewels must not be used for evil purposes and have been used by heroines for thousands of years, but the jewels of Life and Balance have only been used once due to their power.

I could turn this into an RP Starter or a story or something.... I don't know.
Soulblades of Mobius (5/8 Complete)
I only drew the first five because I ran out of ideas for the last three. :L
These are the eight Soulblades, the most powerful weapons on Mobius. Each blade controls a different force.

Rising Storm: Sky elements; weather
Darksoul's Depth: Sea elements
Cataclysm: Land elements
Dragonfire: Can harness the power of dragons

Life's Fury: Can alter the form of living things
Immortal Shield: Can alter the form of nonliving things
Eternal Light: Angelic powers of the light
Ninja's Spirit: Ninja powers of the shadows


MobianScrollkeeper's Profile Picture
Journeala Zicora (Journey Soul)
United States
Simply call me Journey. Journey Soul. As a Mobian, I am a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fan, and I do so many other fandoms too (Mario, Skylanders, Splatoon, Overwatch, Care Bears, Transformers, etc.)

I also LOVE to roleplay, so if you're interested in Roleplaying with me, feel free to comment me!!! My main character that I roleplay with is my main Sonic character, X-305 (Storm) the Hedgehog. You can find info on him in the gallery. I'm also a fan of Espio the Chameleon and his origins (from Archie and such). Shadow, Silver, and Sonic are also my top favorites.

(Psst! It's me, WR024190 and ReadyToRoleplay! Some of my old characters will be returning in these stories and more new ones will appear, so be prepared!!!!)

Profile image by ShelbyArtist


Background + Character
It takes me a while to make these, so patience is required. Anyways, I do Sonic characters only, and the backgrounds must be something a bit easy for me.

Please no complex cities and landscapes; I'm a colorist (draw with color and simply blending) and not a sketchy (draw with lots of detail and pencil).

Send me a reference of your character, tell me a little about your character and any specific art details (Some people mess up a bit on my characters because of this, and I don't want that happening to any of you), and explain your background. I'm good with backgrounds that contain light somewhere (like a sun or a full moon).

*Add ten points for additional characters
*I don't do battle scenes


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