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Just for Fun!

  1. Post these rules.
  2. Choose your most serious/dark OC you have. (Doesn't have to be a Sonic OC.Sweating a little... )
  3. Post their 15 most embarrassing secrets or things they simply don't want others to know.
  4. Put the character's dialogue or reaction, also.
  5. Tag 10 more people., I've got too many characters. I......I gotta go with Espio. Since I know more about him.
Espio: Oh, perfect.

Ten Most Embarrassing Secrets

1. Espio is extremely ticklish. You just have to find the right spot. (Espio: You promised, Journey.)
No I didn't. I just SAID I wouldn't, I didn't PROMISE. (Espio: -_-)

2. In reality, he's had many little crushes on different girls. (Espio: Okay, that's not true. I only love Liza.)
Yes, but you still had a slight crush on that one girl, uhm... Nicole I th- (Espio: NEXT SECRET!)

3. He's bad at technology, but he's even worse at computer games. (Espio: Was that necessary?)
I've seen you play FNAF. You sucked. (Espio: For the first few tries, probably, but that's only because I don't play often.)
Excuses, excuses..... So sad.... (Espio: -_-)

4. If Liza kisses him on the cheek, even if it's a small kiss, then he faints right there on the spot. (Espio: Okay, so what?)
Just saying. Kinda funny to watch when you try refusing your love to her. (Espio: ....Shut up.)

5. Try watching him accidentally run hot water in the sink with his hand under it. It's pretty amusing. (Espio: What's humorous about that?)
Uhm..... you flailing around like a mad dog, trying to find ice when it's just across the kitchen? (Espio: ......I hate you.)

6. He has a sensitive spot under his chin, and if you scratch it, he starts to purr. (Espio: Chameleons don't purr, Journey.)
Oh really...... *tries scratching under his chin* (Espio: O_O *purrs for one moment but snaps out of it* Next secret...)

7. He likes to play around with Charmy but will never let anyone see. Something about his maturity... (Espio: Yes, it'll stain my maturity. I'm seventeen now.)
I thought if you played with a child, it made you a more likeable person. (Espio: And I don't give a flip if anyone likes me.)

8.  Uhm.... OOH, let me talk about his childhood days- (Espio: DON'T YOU DARE.)
Fine.... Nevermind.

9. But then again, when you were a child, you did cause that tornado... (Espio: THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT, AND YOU KNOW IT!!!)
I know, but it still got your tail beaten pretty good. By both your mom and Valdez. (Espio: Shut your trap, Journey. One more word, and you're dead.)

10. Fine.... And he's helpless when girls try to flirt with him. Every time a girl tries, he blushes. (Espio: That's it....)

I think I'm dead.
*runs for dear life, tagging random people*


There isn't going to be a new Skylanders game this year..?

Rala Doodles
This is the fiery but beautiful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Rala Toadstool. Her parents are Mario and Peach, and she has both of their flames. Instead of being a pampered palace damsel, she's instead a damsel who puts her enemies in distress. Trained by her best friend Desidario to be a soldier, Rala knows survival and combat skills like the back of her hand. The only thing she can't survive, apparently, is the wrath of her parents. :P


MobianScrollkeeper's Profile Picture
Journeala Zicora (Journey Soul)
United States
Simply call me Journey. Journey Soul. As a Mobian, I am a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fan, and I do so many other fandoms too (Mario, Skylanders, Splatoon, Overwatch, Care Bears, Transformers, etc.)

I also LOVE to roleplay, so if you're interested in Roleplaying with me, feel free to comment me!!! My main character that I roleplay with is my main Sonic character, X-305 (Storm) the Hedgehog. You can find info on him in the gallery. I'm also a fan of Espio the Chameleon and his origins (from Archie and such). Shadow, Silver, and Sonic are also my top favorites.

(Psst! It's me, WR024190 and ReadyToRoleplay! Some of my old characters will be returning in these stories and more new ones will appear, so be prepared!!!!)

Profile image by ShelbyArtist


Background + Character
It takes me a while to make these, so patience is required. Anyways, I do Sonic characters only, and the backgrounds must be something a bit easy for me.

Please no complex cities and landscapes; I'm a colorist (draw with color and simply blending) and not a sketchy (draw with lots of detail and pencil).

Send me a reference of your character, tell me a little about your character and any specific art details (Some people mess up a bit on my characters because of this, and I don't want that happening to any of you), and explain your background. I'm good with backgrounds that contain light somewhere (like a sun or a full moon).

*Add ten points for additional characters
*I don't do battle scenes


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